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April 02, 2007



Is it okay to crush up sulphur pills, the kind you buy in health shops? Also, could a hot foot oil be made using these ingredients? If so, which carrier oil would I use. Thanks very much!


No, I'm not thinking the sulphur pills would definitely be okay. :S Why? Well, is it 100% pure sulphur, and if it is, well, that's nasty sounding, but okay...only if its 100% sulphur, no filler or inert ingredients...which is incredibly unlikely.

As for an oil... Well, it depends on what you are aiming for but a standard almond oil base would work well. I would not use olive oil as "Offering the olive branch," is a bit reconcilatiory or peaceful sounding, doesn't suit that oil of the fruit of said branch is recommended. You might also try grapeseed oil (both almond and grape will need vitamin E added for preservative,) or if you're really feeling mean, use mineral oil (baby oil,) for an added angry kick to the butt.


Thanks for the answers. I did think that the other content in the pills would be a problem. Sadly I'm stumped as to where to get pure sulphur from, as I can find nowhere to order it!

Thanks for the baby oil tip, that's great!


Its actually very easy to get in the States. Its common. I used to think it wasn't until I'd been in ritual stores, and lo and behold...its prevalent. ;) I think if you looked around you'd be surprised to find its not so hard to find in the UK if you just take a look.


They have sulphur for sale there in bulk. Don't buy any premade stuff, and be careful with some of the roots. Its a Wicca shop and sadly they are a bit ignorant wtih the Hoodoo/ATR supplies, and root/herb correspondence. I also received the dead-est lodestones ever there the last time I ordered from them. The steel dust should attatch to the whole stone, not just a corner. ;)


Seriously, it's tough here in the UK (or maybe just my city), I've really tried, with an occult shop that has lots of goodies very close to me! Although, since asking, I just realised a new friend of mine might be able to help as she's a microbiologist, so she might be able to get me something from her lab. I know that would be nice pure stuff! If she can't, thanks for the link and warnings.


Sorry, I forgot to ask if vitamin E is needed as a preservative when using baby oil...


No, definitely not. Baby oil seems to have an almost infinite shelf life. :)


I'm so sorry to keep coming back - last question, I promise. What kind of vitamin E is needed to preserve oils? Vitamin E oil? Feels like a very silly question but I really don't have any idea. Thanks for your help!


Yes vitamin e oil.


Thanks for your help.


Can you add black pepper to this and also red pepper flakes? Just curious if you can alter it in any way with what you have.......


Well, you can make it goofer dust by adding more than one ingredient to the above. ;) But you want an odd number of ingredients, and black pepper would make 4.

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