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January 15, 2008



Cat, my male candle burn out really quickly. Way faster than the rest of the candles. What does that mean? Is that bad?


No, if there is a mystical reasoning to it, it means the man is more open to the idea than the woman and will accept the spellwork there may be a fast manifestation

However, it may also just be a case of physics, with the male candle being either poorly poured or having too much herb matter clinging to it, etc. Not everything is mystical in nature and candle behavior does not always denote a sign - a lot of times it is just a case of physics and nothing else.


Mama Cat, on the Marriage oil, what is a good substitue for mentrual blood or menses?


There really isn't a good substitute for this, IMHO. The blood from a woman's period is the strongest link to her, and its also a very very very very powerful magical item. :S When it comes to love spells, the most powerful thing a woman has in her arsenal is the blood from her monthly period! In fact, frankly, I do not know that I would recommend a substitute at all for use in this spell, and I apologize to those women who for reasons of age or medical problems no longer menstruate.

BUT, people will insist, so you COULD TRY to use some weaker substitutes, though I would not vouch for their usefulness nor say they will work.

If a woman is no longer fertile and menstruating, there are some much weaker subs that might be used. I have been told that the first morning's urine collected during a full moon directly after ritual masturbation (ie masturbating oneself before urinating, and catching the urine and some of the cervical secretions is one, and I have also heard using ritual masturbation to get cervical secretions during the night of the full moon and using those secretions is another. Remember NO TOOLS (other than one's hands - and this includes fake lubrications,) can be used for ritual masturbation.

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