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April 06, 2008



Why use pink rose petals specificlly? What is the difference in the colors, and can red rose petals be substituted? If I did, would that change the powder significantly?


As for would it change the powder significantly... Having never made it w. red rose petal powder, I can't tell you. It could.

There is a big difference in the colors if we just dispose of the fact that we're speaking rose petals and just go into color theory. One is red, one is pink (which is the colors red + white). While people may think the relation between the two makes them interchangable, by that sort of reasoning, if lemonade is composed of sugar, lemons, water - then me giving you glass full of sugar ought to satisfy your thirst just like a glass of lemonade would.

If we then look more at rose petals...well, rose itself is an herb with about a million and five ritual uses for it (okay, not that many, but to list them all might be lengthy to say the least,) and if one dumbs-it-down to just the use of love that overlooks quite a bit. For example, if I were to do a healing spell, I'd be more apt to use white rose petals than another color of the flower, and rose is also a healing herb so that would work together nicely.

I have seen blue or white rose petals used for non-romantic (platonic, friendship, etc,) love...

So, the color does have some bearing to the use of the petal.

However, not to be too much of an intellectual troll here, it doesn't hurt that Mountain Rose Herbs also has a powdered pink rose petal in 4oz bags for sale. ( - scroll down to rose.) ;) The significance of the pink petal is romantic love as opposed to just a more physical/lusty love.


That makes sense. I just haven't seen colors specified for rose petals before. I was curious because I have mace powder and orris root, but would have to order pink rose petals. I'm a little impatient (and broke! Lol).

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