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August 21, 2008



Lol hun, reading that stuff, felt like I was reading your blog, they must be nowhere near as knowledgable as you in this field, hence they plagiarised. Guess it's time for that scary entity of yours, lawyer??!!


When you find copyright infringements on Delphi Forums, please use the 'E-Mail This Message' link on the Options menu in the lower left corner of the post to send a copy to, along with an explanation and the URL for your original post of the material. (Using that link preserves the content of the post and can't be edited afterward to hide or remove the infringement.)

Delphi Forums staff


Thank you, Gordie. It should be noted that a VERY HELPFUL member of the Delphi Forums Staff did assist me, and I am very thankful for their involvement.

I may have some more information for your staff shortly, as it were.

Julie Davis

That is definitly infringement. Facts are not copy-writable such as "ginger is a root herb" but what was copied was not fact based, so you have a claim. It is difficult and expensive to prosecute however. I have looked into this since I am a publisher and am married to a lawyer.

I love your writing style BTW!


Well she never claimed this to be her writing, she added to it after that. It looks as though it was there for reference because people ask a lot of love questions over there. I mean honestly it was a good Q/A but it was that great that I'd get my panties into a bunch over the situation.


It was word for word my writing, and she added stuff later remarking about me and adding on to "her" answer - THE PICTURE ABOVE SHOWS THE ORIGINAL RIP OFF she pulled...not the edited version she has right now...this did happen 2 months ago, dear. I'll send the pictures (I have photos, screen shots, witnesses) to you "K" or "Piper" or whoever you are - it was outright copyright infringrement, plagurism to which she SIGNED HER NAME, and you're just seeing the aftermath of her altered site months later.

Furthermore, she then pretended someone emailed it to her, and when she was caught in her own lies, the best thing anyone could come up with was that I'm a bitch anyway and my grammar is bad, so I deserve my art and my work stolen. I see that you're on the "Cat's a bitch, so she deserves to be robbed," team...that says a lot about you.

Thank you for at least admitting my writing is good though, I do appreciate the compliment. Toni apparently thought it was great enough to rip off word for word until she got caught and had to edit it and hide behind a lot of lies. Well, you know I'm a bitch when crossed, too, hehe. Good to know you only find it good and would probably rip off someone else instead. Birds of a feather, as they say...

Check out this post as well...maybe it will give you a clearer picture


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