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December 23, 2009



Okay I know you are not the expert of saints however...what is the difference between white saint martha and black saint martha.


Nothing. At least not in the sense that you couldn't work with one or the other image for all St Martha purposes. They are both to represent St Martha, who is often said to be the sister of Mary Magdelene and Lazarus.

The picture of St Martha holding the snake (generally a black woman) is more often used when petitioning the "Dominatrix" side of Martha, but the white lady stepping on the dragon's head is the same symbology and same deal. The "Martha Dominadora" is likely shown as black as she is petitioned more by Latinos, and practitioners of ATRs and Hoodoo who have been traditionally mostly peoples of color, so a black Martha would appeal more. I have both images (several images of both actually, - St Martha is one of my saints I have a huge devotion to,) and use them interchangeably.

I would assume (just me saying,) if Martha is believed a contemporary of Jesus (which she is,) and a Jew, she'd actually looked like an olive-skinned Middle-Eastern Jew, and wouldn't be black or snow-white. ;) So, its a preferred representation of a particular saint, more or less.


Well now that's helpful because when you ask around some people make you go through this whole ceremony and then they say to petition them after that. I guess some people just assume that since you are so knowledgeable that you should know what their favorite snack is and if they are into reality t.v. or soap operas,lol ( little joke there), but you know what I mean.


Why do you have two saint martha? I have a black saint martha that I put away for about 2years in a box in my closet with saint lazarus, I want to take her back out and put her on my mantle, but without lighting any candles. I have two younge children and am very concerned about them. Do you have any advice or feedback for me. Please let me know.


I go over that in the St Martha post, but I have actually 4 statues of her and several holy cards, and it's because I'm not an idolator and I use the statue as a point of focus in prayer. She is my protector, and I like having her images in my home to remind me she watches over me.

I do not understand why St Martha of Bethany would harm a child. Don't use candles if you can't, just pray. Martha loves children and would not harm them. If you're worried they will harm the statue (my nephews have beaten a few saint statues to death, lol,) then take her image out and pray to her alone in your room.

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