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February 05, 2010


Alex A

I really really need to do this "move away" Hot Foot spell, but I don't have a name and can't get one. There's a house two doors away from us that is lived in by an ever-changing bunch of drug-selling thugs. They are loud and violent and scary, they make drug deals out on the street, they come in bunches and all look alike (hoodies and pants falling off their behinds). The neighborhood is nice except for them and all attempts to engage the police have been entirely unsuccessful. Can this be done without a name?


You could do it without a name (you can use a myriad of different terms like "the drug dealers" or "the people living at (address of house.)" However, I've seen this situation before, and often hot footing the people in that type of situation just brings brand new people to the place to take the place of those that left. My suggestion is if you can get some dirt from a police station (preferably dirt from near the door of the police station) and spread that dirt around near that property with the drug dealers along with some hot foot powder (sprinkle both seperate of each other, though,) this is going to help as this will attract the police to that property.

If you're still experiencing problems, shoot me an email and I can make some more suggestions. Best of luck!


Alex A

Thank you so much, Cat! And yes, we've had arrests, a fire that burnt down the garage, and a murder/suicide involving drugs and guns. Each time, things were quiet for a very few days and then a new group of people appeared (but indistinguishable from the previous ones) and it started all over again - a cycle we've been through numerous times. Thanks again for your help - I'll definitely try this suggestion.


Can you use these type of spells to make someone at work leave?


Definitely. In this case, you actually have the benefit of sharing the workplace with someone and therefore have greater accessibility to them. >:)

Pandora Isis

I've heard of something like this before. I have a neighor whose grown daughters and other neighbors come over and make noise late at night. The owner (their dad) doesnt bother me but can I use this spell to get rid of everyone who comes over only? We use the same pathway steps to reach our doors, spreading this powder there will not affect me or my family or guests, correct?


You would want to name the powders which I'm not sure is something where you know what I'm speaking of? Let me know. This would make the powders "attack" the responsible parties only, though I still strongly suggest stepping over your own tricks if you know where they are anyhow. ;)

I'd also get rid of the daughters who are bringing over the friends rather than the friends. If they are grown women, they can find another place to hang out with other than at their dad's. ;)

judith c

Just adding my two cents, not that you really want them, but I was taught to put four thieves vinger, black salt and black mustard seed along with a name paper and throw it in the river. Never tried with just four thieves vinger alone.


I don't mind your 2 cents because they are 2 sensible cents. ;) That sounds like it would work to me.

I've heard other variations on suggestions on which to add to the vinegar, but depending on what you compose your four theives out of, it could be redundant (meaning one or both of your additions would already be present) to mention those added ingredients (as I assume people will use different pre-made four-theives formulas.)

lorraine tisdale

what if you do not know the name of the person and or people you want to move out. They just moved in downstairs and are so awful. i told them to move their car out of my driveway and found bologna on my car the next day. the same day,first day they moved in, they called the landlord to complain i was making noise... my son was removing bed frames for trash day..since then she has screamed and cussed me out telling me i had better move out. they leave trash everywhere. it is horrible...even the other neighbors next door pretend to like them.. i wish they would back me up but they just want peace. i have lived here 2 yrs.. ugh


Not difficult to find anyone’s name out when you live close to where they get their mail. Looking at the address on mail isn’t illegal unless you steal or open it. Or, issue a complaint to the landlord. Or just listen to them speak because if they hear you so loud, you can hear them. What is difficult is probably finding the instructions where I say “Does not give substitutions for any ingredient or practice.” - which I agree should probably plastered on every post since everyone tries anyhow. ;)

There are also other nasty neighbor spells if you look. Sometimes it just takes your own research to find an answer. :)


Hi, I have a nasty neighbor we tried telling him to lower his music and he told us to call the police and he is aware we have a baby. Police or city won't do anything so I'm trying this out as I am out of options. I sprinkled the hot foot powder in front of his door. Is that enough? There is always someone outside so I can't put on handles


If it was applied properly and named for the victim/s, then that should be all you need to do.


Hello Cat. I was wondering if I can use both the hot foot powder spell and the four thieves one.


Yes you can do both


where can I get these ingredients?


You might try using the internet to search for yourself since I clearly say to locate all of the ingredients on your own, as I'm not a search service in the comments guidelines page. That would be my first suggestion - use your own effort to locate them! ;)

The only ritual item sellers that I recommend at this time are Karma Zain Spiritual Supplies and

Krystle Rivera

Hello Cat,

If I were to use hotfoot under my neighbors door mat, lets say if my daughter accidently walks over it or my dog ( since she lives on a premises I need to pass by daily, will the spell turn on me or not work at all?


No, because you name the powder for it’s target.

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