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June 02, 2010


Vivienne Grainger

Bet your client's pleased as punch, though!

"A Haunting" has only something like 14 episodes, but yes, stupidity was absolutely rampant in that series.


LOL, I think I've seen all of them, too. ;) Yeah, there were only maybe 20 or so of those. I guess I was generalizing because there are many shows like that one. :)

I hope my client is pleased with the work, because hoofing ritual stuffs that far is definitely going above and beyond my regular call of duty. ;)


I think this is very interesting. Where or how do you learn conjuring? Is this something to be learned from Cat Y's course? I'd love to learn this.


I don't believe you learn Ceremonialism in a Hoodoo course, though having never taken Cat Y's course, I couldn't tell you. I highly doubt it, though.

If you're asking where I learned conjuring in the sense of conjure as a label for Hoodoo, that is one answer, and if you're asking me how I learned to raise (conjure) spirits, that is another. I learned neither from Cat Y, if that's what you're implying, though I suspect she is familiar with how to do both. Ah well, obviously she knows about Hoodoo, but the lady teaches a course in it, so that would go without saying. ;)

As for me? I've said it before and I'll say it again, I did not learn Hoodoo from taking a class, nor have I ever taken a class on any type of spellcasting, so I can't really offer valid input regarding anyone's classes when to do with Hoodoo or other paradigms of spellcasting.



I'm asking about where to learn conjuring, as in - how would I learn to conjure spirits? Is it something natural within, and if so, how does one tap into it or even know if that's something within their ability? If not a course or a study group, do you learn through books? Conjuring spirits is new to me, so its not something I wish to dive off the deep end and I would like to learn more about it.


I can't say if its a natural ability some people have. I know some people sense spirits easier than others, and some people work with spirits better than others...but that doesn't mean I think there is someone who draws beings who were never human to them to have interactions with them because they naturally know how. Its a learned thing. I'd say its something that does require training and practice. There may be a class to learn it, but I've never heard of online classes for it.

I'd be glad to suggest some reading to you if you want to email me privately.

Dom P.

A very late comment, I know! But...and this is a very big but! You should, before attempting any conjuration of your own, make sure you've dealt with any of your own internal daimons or problems. If not, this can result in some VERY unpleasant experiences.


Sorry to take so long to publish this Dom. I've been forced onto "new TypePad" for the time being which makes it 10x harder just to deal with comments, as I have to go to like 4 different pages just to publish then reply. :X Hopefully TypePad will switch me back to old typepad or change the new typepad into something that works soon.

Re. your comment...yes and no. I would say, be sure you've got the emotional wherewithall in your private life to deal with those demons on some level, in case they are brought up during a spirit raising. If you can't look at something you did in the past and say "I did totally fuck up," when remembering it, or admit to your fault in it, then definitely do not spirit raise. On the more recent, if you've got an alcohol problem and you refuse to admit that, then...if you can't deal with it when someone else brings it up...don't spirit raise. This isn't to say you can't have demons or problems...simply that if you're refusing to acknowledge them or take responsibility for them, you may have an unpleasant experience to say the least. Also, I'd take into mind your motives for what you're doing...if its selfish or careless or cruel, be prepared to admit that to yourself before some entity tells you first.


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