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August 21, 2010



So... The person I want to curse, let's say he's a roommate. Obviously, it's easy for me to bury it in his yard (seeing as it is mine) but would that do harm to me as well?


Technically the spell is "named" for this, in a way, that is supposed to lend to the idea that no one but this person is supposed to be affected. HOWEVER, given your proximity to this person, if you're living with them and you have any sort of questionable practices/activities of your own (maybe you like to smoke a little weed or maybe you're a notorious bank robber or maybe you just have a library book that's been out for over a decade,) you are putting yourself at risk for being implicated in whatever trouble this person may get into simply because this spell can lead to a search of the whole evidence of your crimes (should you have any) should be completely removed before starting this spell. I would suggest ensuring you don't have anything you have to be worried about among your possessions, and also planting the charm by their bedroom window (outside, as in burying it there,) instead of under the doorstep, or if you're really really sneaky and think you can hide it in their closet without it being found that could work. You have an advantage here because you can also place the item (if this is a house) on the floor above or below this person's room, near where their bed would be.

You're not necessarily at risk for trouble yourself but I would recommend you take a cleansing bath and do some protection and blessing in at least your own personal areas in the home like your own bed room.

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