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January 30, 2015



Some of you no doubt saw my reply to my little anoymous hate-stalker at that I left up for a whole hour (it wasn't even mean - I'm losing my touch, I guess, lol.) This young lady was apparently upset that I had the audacity to recommend that people use money and prosperity work regularly (like maintenance!) over using it in an emergency. She used very rude terms like I'm a "dumb bitch" and a cunt. She hoped I would "stay poor," (huh?) and it was deserved for daring to offer what seemed like solid advice on casting money spells. How dare I do something like that! Tell you smart things! I'm such a fucking cuntface! :O That wasn't very nice, but then, desperate people often lash out at others in an attempt to make themselves feel better, especially when they can hide behind the anonymity of the internet. :/ If the young lady who left this wants to directly contact me with a real name and discuss why she feels I'm such a bad person in person with me, I have all your info here, and I'll know it's you. My blog collects IP addresses and you leave a trail all over the interwebs. :)

I won't bore you with this poor person's hissy any more the temporary post regarding it (formerly above) has been removed. I feel badly that she has such a sad life that attacking me for giving advice and making some absurd suggestions on how my life is at 7am is the only thing she has in her life to make her feel better. :( *lights small golden candle* Hope your money situation gets better so that you can stop calling me bad four-letter words and you stop attacking people on the internet for offering free spell advice, sweetie.

Since she left her comment here, I suspect she might be back to look. There's my reply, baby, but you broke the comment guidelines so I can't post your comment. :(

The money spell should be in today. Sorry for the delay there. Bad weather yesterday really impeded my electrical abilities. :P

Oh, and anonymous troll, the reason you spoke to me like you did is because you hate yourself. It's why trolls exist. Try reading this.


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