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February 01, 2007



A good way to find out if this was the same person is to run a 'whois' check on the websites, and look at the address/contact email.


Well, the emails came directly from the sites. The IP is the only way to be sure. I could have 800 different email addresses, and as long as I ran the sites, they could all be and look different, with different @whatever.coms. Right now, I can tack a few more domain names to my site too, and get seperate email addys for em. Definitely though, if they were they same email and supposed to be different people, I would say RUN as fast as possible! ;)


I remember how I found you now -- through Google (still can't remember the search words). I got duped/scammed by CAA and I wish I found your site much earlier. Oh well.


I tried 5 casters and would like to share my info and results. The good thing is all 4 were from different sites. Kat, you are right on many of your points and I thank you.


Sorry about a bit of editing, Sam. I took out the names of the sites you'd listed as I can't ethically post them, and also I don't want to be sued by the people who run them. ;)

To be fair to you, though, several of those names have been said to me privately. :S One I was still surprised to hear was in business as its been one I've heard about for 4 or 5 YEARS!


Well, I have to admit that I feel like a complete fool, as I was also 'duped' by CAA. I was so desperate to end some ongoing negativity that has been seemingly plaguing my life for years, causing me some misfortune in all aspects of my life, I did searches to find help.

It was then that I unfortunately stumbled across CAA, which displays tons of spells, occult items and such, with details of 'solving problems'. I thought I investigated the website enough to determine if it was a scam or not. I was not as 'sharp' as I thought at the time.

To make a long story short, I sent CAA money for multiple 'urgency' spells, to solve my immediate problems. After a month of my purchase, I still have not even witnessed the slightest inclination of any spellwork being done for me. I also have not seen, nor felt any changes to my situation that I paid for based upon my urgent needs.

The CAA website blatantly offers a complete money-back guarantee for up to one full year... no questions asked. However, I noticed that there are no real contact email addresses. The website does have a so-called 'Contact Page' in the 'About Us' section of the website, but I have made several contacts to request a refund of my money, only to never even receive a reply. In conjunction to the website not having an official contact and customer correspondence protocol integrated into their website, the website also does not list any type of contact phone number. Now, it dawned on me that any legitimate online entity or business that claims to be valid, should at least have some sort of contact phone number for its customers.

All-in-all, the joke is on me, as the CAA are professionals after all... at scamming desperate people, like myself. What does also come to mind is, "Why are they still in business... at least the website?" I am certain that CAA has received tons of compalints over the years. It is simply sad how 'good' people are taken advantage of and manipulated by this type of garbage that seems to be predominant over the Internet. For those that have the money to throw away, they are not affected. It is the hard-working and honest people, who deserve wonderful things in life, that I feel for.

Anyway, I hope this post makes it to a live post.

Thanks Cat


Hi TheChosen,

I will say for CAA that everyone I know of HAS received their money back for the items and spells they paid for if they asked. If that recently changed...well, that's even worse. :P




In May this year, 2011, I spent almost USD$710 on spells & charms offered on Castrology Association (CAA) website, believing everything they (including the spell casters engaged by CAA) say and promise. In the end, I must say that CAA is not a trustworthy website. It does not deliver on what it has promised. So, please give CAA a miss if you do not want to be utterly disappointed like I have been. It's sad how people can be so wicked to con people who are desperate for help.


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