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September 10, 2008



Damn. I was really hoping to find a spell to get someone to parachute through my window with a mouth full of roses. Thanks for killing the dream!

You crack me up AND give good advice.


AMEN to this. I got a dose of what you feel like in my messages. I definitely see a mirror image of myself when I was acting obsessive. Its funny my spells are hitting really hard now that I just forget about it, or when I back off. I really understand now why you said that.

If it helps Im looking soo forward to that color article. :) Happy writing!


Pegster, I'm also miffed I can't get all of my exs, in some sort of synchronized formation, to come parchuting through my skylight with their mouths filled with roses and all carrying diamond rings for me...just so I can tell them to go to hell. >:)

Pinkstar, hehe, that color article is killing me. I write for about 30 minutes on it each day, and I still feel like its not right. ;) Perhaps I am thinking the article to death? Hehe. Seriously though, this issue I'm speaking of in this article IS the hardest for people - I still have to remind myself from time to time to take my own advice, but it IS amazing how once you let go of the energy, things start manifesting so fast. ;) Thanks for the kudos!



Ahh!!!!!! i needed this dose as i am going through hard time now a days and getting panic.

thanka a lot cat :)


Aww its okay....I hate turning something in of my writing when I know its not right. Sometimes I can be my own worse critic

But Quick question. I used a brown candle for a break up spell, in combination with some black figure candles. I just used a jar candle to keep heat. Why is brown okay for break up spells or cursing? My friend and I were trying to figure it out, and we can't lol. You can give me the quickest answer. I'll wait for the longer answer when you get the article up :)


I never used them for either purpose, honestly. I was taught brown was for other things... I suppose it could be through a planetary correspondence because I want to say it might be occaisionally ascribed to either Mars or Saturn... That's a good one Pinkstar, I'll have to look it up. I think I've heard that once or twice as well.


okay, me = glad I read this hehe... love that pic above this one too, very cute! you rock as always :)

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