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October 16, 2008



Whoa, 12-16 hours a day? That sounds like the job I do, but only when we do overtime. You do take day offs, right? :P

Weirdly enough, I'm the type of person who overthinks things, but when it comes to the spell you did? I just don't think about it and just wait for the news of all the horrid things that happened to the target because I know they'll come. Glad to know I'm doing it right then. Haha.

Take day offs, hun!

Anon UK

That was a real good read. You know, it's like almost 1am here, and i've just been thinking how damn lazy I am. Kudos to you for working 16 hour days, wish I had that work ethic!! I think you're already very patient with your clients and pleaseee you're only 30 (and you could pass for younger lol) so no excuse not to party and enjoy life :)


Just the phrase "16 hour day" makes me shudder...

(I work at an insurance company).

And I agree w/Anon from UK...I'd kill to be 30 again... live it up Cat :)


I also shudder when I have 16 hour days. :S While it would be nice to say I only have an 8-10 hour day like everyone else, even if I had one difficult client, that's going to change that - those people insist on usually at least an hour of attention each and every day. However, I am trying to just cut back on my client-base as is. I want to focus more on teaching spellcraft and writing, so I may be having normal workdays like everyone else sooner rather than later.

army gal

hi, when you mention more than 1 spell being done for an issue/problem (for instance, you wrote, "So what you need is a reconcilation spell, a communication spell, and a roadopener spell...."), how are these done? 1/day for 3 straight days? all on the same day? skipping a day or days in between? or what?

& on another topic: if a spell has no visible results after a month & you want to re-do it, do you re-do the *same* spell again that you did before, or a different one (but for the same purpose)? how many times would you do that same spell before mixing it up a little & moving on to try some slightly different version? thanks.


Thanks for the complicated questions! :S J/K!!! ;)

Alright, I would say it depends on how you are casting. Using the above I would say since communication is best done on a Wednesday, try Wednesday in the hour of Venus (loving communication,) if you're doing the spell only on one day. The recon could be any Monday, Wednesday, Friday, but given the best day would be Friday. And the Roadopener I would use on a love day, again preferably friday.

I would run all spells for seven days, and start them all on Friday, in an hour of mercury (for communication,) for the best result.

If you are wondering what in the eff I speak of, I am speaking of planetary hours. ;) If that's redonkulously confusing to you, try doing them all on Wednesday or friday all on one day.

As for the visible careful with recon in that sometimes it does actually start working quite well, and the target is loathe to speak up. :S I would say try using the same spell/s for the second month, then try using different spells if no visible results occur by the third month.

Usually with spells, I more or less judge which to use by the type of target I have. I change "the plan" when the second round has no visible effect. So I guess I'd do the same thing twice, and if no results by the 2nd time, I would change around my spell plan.

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