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December 21, 2008



Good post. :)

That "Law of Three" thing... Sheesh...man, that just will not DIE... Seriously. Everywhere you go, you hear it. Even from people with no 'esoteric' knowledge or experience what-so-ever... "My mama always told me that everything you do will come back to you threefold..." etc. etc.

I always thought it amusing that said "Law" seems to only be brought up in conversations when someone is thinking of doing harm to another... funny how you never hear "Remember, if you give somebody a hundred dollars, you'll almost certainly get three hundred back..." or anything like that.

Well, at least I'VE never heard it...


Thanks Cat for such a good post.these things may be little but not for me.these are very very important for me as a newbie as i was still wondering the right way to write the names and etc.very helpful post..you are great :)


Excellent and much needed posting. I have only been reading your postings long enough to be seriously envious of your straightforward, conversational prose. Have you put together a book of your thoughts, philosophy, ideas and such?


I've been trying to get a book together on spells and technique, but its not out yet. :)


when u say write a name then turn paper 1/4 u mean like the pics you have on here?


Yes, of course I do. The very reason I put the pics up was in fact to explain the obvious (to me) meaning of a quarter turn. If you can write several lines of writing on the edge of a piece of paper or something, I suppose you can always try it that way, though. ;)

Please don't use text speak in future posts. I'm part dyslexic and 30 (ergo, I am told I am not as cool as I used to be, hahahaha.) I don't speak that language well. U nd 2 put it all in proper Eng, thx. ;)


Hi! If I use my blood instead of red ink, how will it affect the spell's efficacy? I heard that using one's own blood (particularly moonblood) increases a spell's effects, aside from the spellcaster's faith.

Thanks! :)


Well, it might make the spell one-sided. I'd realy have to know what you're doing. Further PERIOD or MENSTRUAL blood (this is Hoodoo, its not Wicca, so we use some pretty regular terms here - we can call things by a clinical name rather than a hippie sounding one, hehe,) is generally something used to get a mate, keep a mate, or to completely own the woman who's blood it is... If its a love spell, maybe... Is it mixed with semen (of the desired lover,) or is it just blood? And then why write in it? Why not just feed the menstruum to the spell target? or add a bit to the oil and anoint (again for love purposes)?

The spells effect would depend on what you are doing if you write in menstruum, which, I might add, is not as easy as you think...since we're both women, I'll leave it at...its not just blood, if you get what I'm saying. :X So...clarify what you want to use the menstruum for exactly, other than writing.

I'm not clear on what faith you are, but you don't need to be of a particular faith to practice Hoodoo. If your religious beliefs tell you to add period blood to all of your ink, as long as IS NOT a spell cast directly on another person having nothing to do with you, I guess you could go for it.


i was a bit thrown off on how to write out the petitioner & target's names in the "git yer butt back" spell. i had written down the target's name 9 times, then turned the paper sideways toward the right. After that i wrote the petitioner's name above the target's name like this:

petitioner's name (8th instance)
petitioner's name (9th instance)

t t t t
a a a a
r r r r
g g g g

i hadn't understood from your directions until seeing this post with fig. 2 that the petitioner's name should be written over the target's name.

do you think that i would need to redo the spell again for results? also i used commanding oil rather than commanding powder and wasn't sure if that sufficed well enough?

after conducting your spell i tried another one which involved setting a candle atop the target's image (sitting atop a letter of intention) with the 'come to me' and 'sorceress' symbols over it and letting it burn out along with the other ingredients in a bowl. the candle flame eventually caused some of the paper to catch on fire and burn and i threw it in the garbage afterward. you'd mentioned that burning the target's name revokes a spell so i was wondering if this might have the same effect- also not throwing out something used in a spell.

sorry this is lengthy and thanks in advance for your help!


Hi Sky,

I would redo the first spell...

As for the second, I am not sure I understand what went on... you sigilized some words/concepts, put these over a pic/image atop an intention, and the "namepaper," for lack of a better term was immolated in the process? If this happens during the process of the actual spell (if I am reading what you did right, hehe,) that would not negate the spell. BUT, if you could have saved some name paper pieces and placed/interred them correctly, that would be recommended rather than tossing it into the garbage.

Hope that made some sense, and feel free to contact me privately if you wanted to discuss this with more detail (that you don't want all of the internet to know - your email is safe from everyone's sight but mine, but sometimes people leave out details because the comment itself is public.) ;)



Will the petitioner be my name?


The petitioner is who is requesting the spell or wants the spell done. So, if you're doing the spell for yourself, you are the petitioner. But, for example, if you asked me to do the spell for you, then you would be the petitioner, and not me.

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