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February 28, 2009


army gal

omg! talk abt synchronicity! i have been idly thinking, off & on, for the past week or so that i wanted to do a 'contact me' type of spell. never got around to getting online to hunt one down, tho. then i get on here today, in a rare & random visit to your blog, & what do i see? THIS post!!! wow! thanx for this! JUST what i'd needed/wanted!


Aw, you're welcome! :) I believe if you look there is also a spell here for communication which uses just tobacco, attraction oil, and an orange candle...so its even simpler than this. ;)

Thanks for your kind words. :D



I can't wait to sport some NinjaCat products - shirts, maybe?


I was thinking through CafePress...like shirts, totes, coffee cups, sweatshirts. :)


nice spell. i am going to use it this weekend. thanks!

Joanna H.

I waited until today (Weds) to try this out. I did the gum and did the spinning. Would it be OK if I buried it, or should I just spin it once a week and blow smoke at the picture/jackball? If I'm gonna hold on to it, would you recommend keeping the jackball on me, or keeping it by the phone, or by something representing communication?


I'd leave it in the home...and I would keep it unburied until you are satisfied with the results if you wish to use it as a jackball.


I think I'm gonna try this one because I could use the jack ball with out the smoke because kids live with me and just keep it safe in my personal stuff. I think I'll look up the orange candle spell too. I might be able to pull it off.


I've always wanted to know a successful communication ritual/spell to add to my personal collection. As someone that does not do energy work often, but can follow directions. ... how successful is this spell for someone, as mentioned, that doesn't work magic often? Also, is this for quick communication - or does it take a full moon cycle to manifest? Lastly, if one wanted this for quick communication (say within 2 weeks or so) can one include cinnamon to make this work quicker? Thanxs!


Soak the thread or ribbon in Red Fast Luck Oil. That *should* make it manifest faster. However, I don't know why you and this person are not speaking, I don't know why you can't initiate contact with them, I don't know when you last spoke, and I don't know if they even know how to contact you. ;) If you can reasonably say that this person knows how to contact you, has spoken to you within the last six months, and that they don't have a personal vendetta or restraining order out against you then it will probably take 1-3 weeks.

With spellcasting...as long as you stay focused while you cast the spell and don't think the spell to death after you spellcast, it should be fine. People are often pleasantly surprised with success early on when they start spellcasting, so I think you should do fine.

Of course, as I said, I don't know why you need this person to contact you and what obstacles are currently in the way of that happening, and that does factor in here.


I have no one in mind at the moment. I am just looking to add it to my personal arsenal, for when the going get messy or I get into a fight with someone and don't feel like picking up the phone first. Which has happened a few times in my life. ... but so, should I assume that this wont get Brad Pitt calling me :) HA!

How important is the parrot feather?


The parrot feather is incredibly important. You can get them at craft stores or probably right on an online auction site, so they aren't difficult to get.

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