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March 13, 2009


Dom P.

GREAT stories, Cat. There's nothing like the Northeastern U.S. for some really interesting experiences! So much history, (good and bad), and it's mostly STILL THERE!


Thanks for the tales... I agree with Dom, the Northeast is a mad hotbed of this sort of thing. You can sort of feel it everywhere - in some areas more than in others. New England is intense like that. Fortunately in Jersey it's a bit more dull :)


OMG, if I recited every creepy story I heard in college about Plymouth, you'd all be reading this post forever. When I moved there my freshman year, I'd described the change in atmosphere as "its like the earth is dead." I didn't mean untillable or without flora and fauna...I meant it felt...undead? Sort of alive but not alive? ;) Seriously, its got a strange vibe. I live in Northern New England, am no stranger to the disincarnate, but the spirits there are of a different caliber!


I think I know what you mean. I felt something similar to that a few times when I was travelling in MA. Although there's probably additional reasons for that...

I also found parts of rural W. Virginia to be 'heavy' feeling. (Not really Northeast, per se, but there was definitely something almost tangible about certain areas that I passed through.

Dom P.

oh, I wouldn't say Jersey is dull! I lived in New Brunswick for over thirty years, and the stories just in that city alone...;D There was a VERY old cemetary next to the public library, (some of the headstones dating back to the early 1700's), and if you stayed late at the library, well... it sometimes got a little interesting!

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