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April 10, 2009



This was pretty kick-ass. when I started with the whole annointing bit for candles, I was totally confused and didn't know what exactly to do. I'm starting to lean more to the feet to head=drawing and head to feet=repelling.

I've also wasn't sure how to use target personal items with candles (I've always been afraid to use it and then have it burnt up and not have any left for any future usage).



You can't reuse a personal item, so it would be okay if it got burnt. :S So, actually its a problem, but its not like you can reuse that bit again anyhow.

Most of these candles I have actually do preserve the personal item, but again, it can't be reused.


Hi Cat, does this also apply to couple candles? Could I put personal concerns of each party in their respective figure on say a lovers candle or a marriage candle with two figures? Or does this only apply to a single figure?


Yes, you can use this method on couple candles, just be sure to put the personal concern from each person into the proper "figure" on the couples/lovers candle. You may wish to fix the personal items into the heart area of the corresponding figure when using a couples candle.

Jessica B

Can I put a name paper in this same way into a candle for a positive outcome or does it always need to be underneath the candle?


You could put it into the candle, but then that might complicate having to later leave said name paper in a particular location which is actually, in my opinion, an pretty important part of the work. I tend to load the candle with what it needs, but make sure my name papers are not getting burned (although a singed/lost name paper is a possibility and would not be a bad thing in some cases,) and can be placed properly. That doesn't mean I never loaded a figural WITH a command (in fact, in at least one case, I've suggested this in a spell I've published) but I do that and use a name paper most of the time.

Hope that was clear - I wasn't sure I was understanding what you were trying to say. :/


Louise West

Hi Cat,
Can you use a condom with semen in it as the personal item for the male figural candle?


While I strongly suggest you don't use a rancid condom with fluid semen in it, people do use dried semen on a tissue or a cloth traditionally, yes. Just make sure you don't get your own fluids mixed in.

On another note, ick, looks like it's time to close this thread. ;)

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