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May 21, 2009




That made my teeth hurt just reading it.

I had the same thing happen a couple of months ago. Well, kind of.

Except it was chewing gum. And it pulled my entire CAP off my tooth.

That was an uncomfortable afternoon, to say the least...


Yeah....this didn't hurt, but I need at least a crown and possibly a root canal as it came so close to the nerve. Being a gummy and sugar candy addict, all my dentist did was really put a little something on to stop the decay until he can crown it, and he was also nice enough to give me several dirty looks, as he told me about 10 years ago if he saw candy in my hand he'd slap it out of it. ;)


Now that's the kind of dentist I wish I'da had a long time ago.

I have the same sweet tooth type of issue that you have...I have 2 caps so far and 3 fillings (I think) to show for it :(


I am missing all 4 wisdom teeth (that's actually due to a head injury,) and then I have...3 crowns, 2 veneers (that need crowns,) probably one more crown needed there...oh and fillings? Every tooth I have has at least one.

See, I don't have a lot of enamel on my teeth and never have. :)

So spare me your minimal dental work! I have had years where the dentist practically asked me to take room in the back to live in so he could finish. ;) Oh, and I get this from my Grandma, I think, who had dentures before the age of 30. While dental-hygene and surgery has obviously improved since then, not enough.

Oh, and I just got a 5 lb pack of gummies to chew on, so its not like I helped at all. ;)

That aside, I actually had most of my dental work done in my twenties, and I didn't eat 1/8 as much candy then....and my teeth are better now, all the same. Soooo...hmmmm....

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