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May 13, 2009



I was just thinking the other day how would I go about doing this ;) If I couldnt get a hold of a parrots feather is there any herb I could use to get them to talk endlessly?


I know how everyone hates when I say this, but if there was an alternative, I'd have listed it. The parrot feather in here is incredibly important, and I wouldn't recommend a substitute. At least there is no oil of parrot feather, haha, or else I'd probably say "Essential oil of parrot feather!" ;)


Cute little spell,reminds me of a jack ball with the winding it in yarn or thread. yeah Mercury can be a pain to find but, yeah know what they say, its all their somewhere, if you look.


Theirs one too many "yeahs" in my last comment huh, I really must start reading what I type before I hit post. lol


It can be used as a jack ball. ;) There isn't only one jack ball spell - its an entire catagory of spells. ;)

No problem with too many yeahs - I use too many emoticons, so everyone has their quirks.



what if i wanted to use this for myself to make myself more talkative?

i've seen parrot feathers used to make someone babble like a fool, so what if i replaced these with deers tongue to talk more eloquently? also, another idea would be to add sun oil, for a more cheery/"sunny" demeanor. What do you think of these ideas? I know you usually don't condone replacing items, but I wanted to see if you think it would be appropriate to tweak if i'm trying to use it for a more specific need.


I would use a different spell to speak more eloquently or to have charisma in that case. I would not recommend this spell or your suggested changes to it for the purpose you had in mind.

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