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June 05, 2009



First off, I had never heard of Casey Anthony either, but apparently she was a woman who allegedly murdered her little daughter:
Odd reference though. One thing that comes through without a shadow of a doubt here is that this chap keeps saying how he's not obsessing and that balance is the key, but he repeats himself so often that he is doing that very thing (obsessing, being unbalanced). As Shakespeare put it: "Methinks [he] doth protest too much :-) Obviously, dear Cat, this dude has a one track mind, which, well, is never good. It's definitely reasonable to give something in life PRIORITY but focusing on that to the exclusion of all else is a recipe for insanity (as this fellow has demonstrated) or at the very least failure in one's endeavors. I wouldn't be surprised though if this is not the last you hear of him or even if he contacts you sometime from now asking for more advice later on... Such is your blessing and your curse, dear friend :-) The fact that he was getting free advice from you for sometime, i.e. not even paid services, shows a complete lack of gratitude. As you said, if someone gives you advice you don't like, simply say thanks and don't follow it! This guy needs to get off the meth or speed or whatever, of and Cat, YOU RULE! :-)


who wrote to you was dantalion!


So...when did Fruity D become an dark-skinned fellow with an entire site about his songs? I'm afraid I can CONFIRM its not Frutalion Dandibar. Thanks though. ;) Been chatting with this one LOOOOOONG before Fruit-and-Nut-D crossed my path.

This kid LIKES the GOETIC ENTITY of Dantalion, though I don't ever know I could guess why. I would have guessed someone more flashy and stuffs. Well, whatev.

No more Fruit-spank D-conspiracy theroies. LOL, you give him so much more credit than he deserves....both of them, actually. ;)


cat, i think you are never wrong to use the word obsession freely, cuz truth be told , in most cases you know from experience and so do clients that they are obsessing over a subject 9 out of 10 times...cuz when it comes down to it if anyone is new at spell work its a natural reaction...not a big deal and the word that follows that anxiety is obsession of one or several thoughts that the brain gets stuck thinking about 24/ this guy is just to proud to admit to obsession cuz its not a convenient emotion to feel. i think you got an awesome attitde cuz you tell it how it is, but some people dont appreciate honesty. That is not your fault.

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