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July 20, 2009



I know this isn't about me, but I know I have to Google search "Hoodoo for everyone" or "Confessions of an occult mastermind" on a daily basis, because I am worried that someone will go through my laptop, so I can't bookmark my occult sites. Would rather have my magical endeavors be my business,not my roommate's.


Very well, but do you search my full name every day> or things like Cat Hoodoo New Hampshire (plus name of town I live in which I don't believe I've ever published my town's name,)...that's stalkers.

I see a lot of "Cat's Rants" or "Originalninjacat" or "Confessions of Occult Mastermind." This doesn't weird me out.

Now with what I was talking about here, I have things like "How long til results Intranquil Spirits" or "Success story intranquil spirit," and the list goes on.

If you are offended that I am trying to tell someone(s) (which frankly I am quite certain I know who, too,) to please stop thinking spells I know they recently cast to death, then I apologize. If you are offended that people use creepy ass search criteria that bugs me like a last name I've never published, I again apologize that you think this is about people searching like you because it isn't.

Believe it or not, searching "Cats rants" "Originalninjacat" or "Confession of an Occult mastermind," are my biggest 3 for search criteria and it hasn't bothered me yet.

Maybe you'd like me to search your name or address or something and do that every day for shits and giggles and see how you'd feel? No, I didn't think you would, and I wouldn't do it anyhow. ;) That's the people I point out - not people who are for whatever reason not willing to admit to enjoying a spell or occult article now and again. I was also offering to people a suggestion not to think their spell unto death...not exactly a stalker situation this time.

As for worried about your roommates checking out your saved favorites - ever try putting a different label on a site which is your fave? Something your "nosy roommate" would not be interested in? Its easy, you just save it under a different name. All about eczema can be the title to Cat's Rants on your PC if you want it to be. ;) I also recommend locking your laptop via password. Works fab.

Just sayin.

Again, sorry my speech to people who are in no way related to your searches has upset you..



I didn't want you to think that it upset me, just didn't want you to think that yours truly was a stalker.


That's my point though - I don't think MOST of you are stalkers. ;) My point is that if someone knows personal unpublished information about me and searches that daily, that's stalkerish - or if I identify some unhealthy spell harming behaviors, I'm going to say something, such as the case with this article - I have a good idea of who the searchers were/are...so...

I have never ever thought someone searching "Cat's Rants," "NinjaCat," "Originalninjacat," or "Confessions of an Occult Mastermind," were to be worried about. ;) Search criteria suchas "Reconcilation spell," or "Curse with Iron," or anything like that also would not raise red flags.

So, I don't think you're a stalker. - not by a long shot.


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