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October 19, 2009



Awesome post. I'm booking marking it for future "Swamp of Sadness" days that I sometimes encounter. Quick question....do you think active spells can be salvaged (so to speak) if one trips up and has a "poor me, my spells ain't workin'" moment?


We all have a MOMENT, the key is not to have a marathon. ;) The spell probably doesn't need salvaging unless you've dived into the proverbial swamps of sadness and camped for awhile. ;)

My recomendation is first to just to pull yourself back from the bad behavior, and stop doing it. Once you've done that, try to stay on track, and just let the spell do its work.

If there was marathons of bad behavior, recast the spell or do some supportive spellwork about a month from the spellcasting of the first spell, just to add more energy to the spellwork and help it have the strength to manifest.

I mean, I can't say if you go out of your way to work against your spell (like stalking the target, lol,) that's going to not effect the outcome or strength of the spell, but if you had a sad day or a negative day, you should be fine. The issue is allowing the spell to do its job - and usually it will do just fine so long as the petitioner did not beat the hell out of it. ;)

We all have the bad moments - even me. As long as you don't have lengthy times where you're beating the heck out of your spell energy. Just recognizing what you're doing usuall is enough because you sort of put yourself back on the right path.

As I said - bad moment - probably OK

Marathon of badness...not OK. ;)



Thanks for the answer. I tend to have angry/anxious days every once in a while more than sadness really (methinks it's actually PMS rearing is ugly head!). I really have to rein it in sometimes, but for the most part I think I'm ok. Thanks again for the answer :)


This has helped me more than you could ever know! I have had a couple of spells cast in the last few months, with zero results so far, and I now know why! Having done most of the above list of wrongs, I can now see clearly why I have been wasting my time and failed. This is all about to change :-)
Thank you so much


Wow, all I can say is wow! This is the best explanation that anyone has given me as to why a spell might not "work." I had spells cast and they haven't yet manifested to the end result I wish, but the casters just say give it time. But in the meantime,I wish they had told me some concrete things to do and not to do! Like the posters above, I'm going to reread this when I start to have some doubts, and I'm going to pull back from the "no-nos" today!
The key is have faith!


Awesome post and boy did I need to read it.
I understand the example of doing spell work for a job and then not applying for any is contradictory.
What about performing spell work for a court case being dismissed, but still going forward to deal with the situation if you end up going to court?
Would that be contradictory to spell work?


If you've done a court spell, but the case wasn't dismissed, then I'd say the original spell failed to manifest as you had wished (there is other court work to lessen the charge or avoid it entirely if you're going to end up in court anyhow, which I'd recommend doing at that point,) so it would be sort of moot to be working against a spell that didn't work at that point.

I guess I'm not seeing how it would be contradictory to attend a trial if your spell didn't stop the trial from happening.

I also don't advocate not being prepared for legal troubles, or ignoring obligations of any nature (legal, medical, emergency, etc,) in the hopes a spell will take care of the situation entirely. Spellwork should be used alongside regular mundane actions. For example, with a court case, I'd advise not only working one's butt off in front of an altar, but also working one's butt off with the mundane end of things like getting a good lawyer, etc.


This explanation of the ins and outs of spellwork is outstanding. The time exhausted in this writing,reveals a person of honesty and character


I find it hard to believe that people looking for help could be so disrespectful to the very person who might have the answers to their problems. It's mind boggling


Hi Cat! Although I'm not a client of yours, I really enjoy your blogs..cracks me up makes me laugh! Please enlighten us some more!


Hey cat, this is great help info. I just had a love spell cast on my recent ex, this is my very first spell ever. As i do with anything im interested in, i do major reasearch. Im happy to had come across your site, now i no the what nots once my spell is cast. The priest whom have started my spell completed but put it on hold due to a curse. Im not doubtful about the course due to my emotions and past, i do need to be cleanse. Im also sending my ex good energy when i meditate in front of my love candle and his picture. Thanks once again for this helpful info.


Um, from what you're saying here you're not letting go and thinking it to death... So while I appreciate your compliments, I have to be honest and say I think you missed my point entirely.

Most people who have to put your spell on hold for a curse (er, hmmm,) might be someone I'd question, albeit I don't know the whole situation.

I do suggest you stop thinking it to death and "energy sending" though. That was definitely not prescribed in the above.

Best of luck,



Wow This is the best explanation I've found. Now I know how to act to allow my spellwork. Thank you very much. Now I feel calm and confident. My priestess had told me several times how we can positively influence negatively on the spellwork requested


I just have to say... although I have an amazing voodoo practitioner working with me for the past month... you really are so honest and to the point and I could only appreciate your harsh honesty and I hope your clients do as well. They're lucky to have you! You just say how it is... and your do's and don'ts are so spot on. Any time I feel a little discouraged... I read this forum above and snap right out of it! So, thank you! :)


I need a kick up the arse, I'm trying to stop over thinking. I am trying to put it out of my mind but honestly, he's texting me and telling me he loves me but can't be with me because of... (list your excuse) . SO putting it out of my mind is really hard when he is there reminding me of reasons.
But I will keep trying to let it go. but reading this makes sense.


If he just has excuses, delete/ignore the excuses he sends to you. I find that deleting a text conversation is the best way to not overthink that conversation. ;)

A Rae

Cat, You positively rock! The restaurant analogy resonates and makes much sense. I have found that prays, meditations and indeed a few spells I have done and requested (now you will probably balk at this, and I would appreciate you comment - even free online spell requests!).. well the ones I have let go and not given a second thought often manifest in unexpected ways!! My most recent reconcile spells, because of the suddenness in change of direction of relationship, and because I have been more invested in than I had believe..and so have been obsessing about and not letting go, seem to be a little slower in manifesting. So in reference to another of your blogs, which made me laugh hysterically as I recognised my(current/but this will pass)self in your rant, I am getting out of wallowing smelly jimjams and doing "letting go" meditations...now!!! :) . Love and light to you and Blessings

A Rae

Please excuse typos - couldn't seem to find a way of editing...


This post is totally funny lol I came here cause I was over thinking it and I research alottttttttttttt. However I don't communicate with him or look at his profiles. I don't want to see anything negative if it's there. The researching I should've done before now is not the time to start. My poor caster I ask her the most dumbest questions. I can't help myself aniexty sucks lol. However, I'm in a good place this post was a much needed to hear.

barbara p

i've been doing all those things. Thank you for writing about this! Its helped me already and I'm going to read it often. <3



I have read and re-read just about everything on here. More than anything your style of writing is great and your humor makes me think you should be British.

Anyway everything in the above post sounds very negative. Say I had a spell cast and wasn't
'*Spying on or stalking your target
*Using frequent divination to gauge how the spell is going
*Frequently discussing the spellwork with others
*Crying, acting irrational, being defensive/hurtful towards a target of a love or reconcilation spell
*Acting against the spell (ie casting a job spell and not applying to jobs, contacting a target first when the spell mandates the target makes the first contact, etc)
*Visibly antagonizing a curse-target
*Engaging in frequent analyzation of HOW the spell might manifest
*Seeking "a sign" to the degree of projecting that everything is a sign'

... but was just randomly spending a fair bit of time thinking about people involved in the spell. Would that have the same negative affect on the outcome? To put it simply, is general daydreaming an issue and it's best to keep all related subjects well clear of your mind?

Thank you.


Well that might be considered frequent analyzation(what you described,) but yep, you definitely shouldn't be daydreaming about the situation, you should let it go, and keep the people and the situation out of mind as best as possible, which I go over in other articles, actually.

It probably sounds a bit negative (above) because I constantly deal with people who will use any and all manner to rephrase what their actions are to convince me they aren't thinking a spell to death or acting against their spell...which isn't to say that's you're intention, but.. For example, right around when I wrote this article, I was working for a gentleman who was told he could not contact his ex as part of his spell (and he couldn't make contact for any reason,) but he did ask "What if there is a supreme emergency like a shared friend dies?" And I said, "Well, just tell me if something like that happens and we will look into it." So he wrote her (the ex) a letter asking for some belongings back, telling me it was an "emergency" he get them back (which he left them with her 6 months previous) and the item he wanted? Some old gym socks. So, I would ascribe the idea that my descriptors sound negative to with the fact I was then (as I am now) dealing with people who make a lot of weird excuses to make it sound like they're doing nothing wrong or against instruction (which makes me cranky, lol,) as well as the basic psychological issue of that when people read things in type, they instantly make the tone sound negative (this is actually psychologically proven) regardless of whether that is the intention or not. (Example: the text "We need to talk" is the scariest text in the world, and you will think of every bad thing you ever did, although it often doesn't mean anything bad.) :)

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