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November 12, 2009


Karma Zain

"Am I the only person who spends at least 2 hours every day writing the exact same things?"

I send them a link to the site where I've already written about it. Some readers and potential clients are less net and blog-savvy than others, and many don't really get how to follow tags and search things. But many are capable and just can't be arsed :-) or it doesn't occur to them, or - and you hit something here - they think it doesn't apply to their situation. I find pasting the URL saves me time and keeps me from biting people's heads off :-)


Hehe, I like when I get "Just tell me in your own words."

I'm like, "Um, I wrote the blog. It is my own words."


lol, I've been guilty of asking questions without checking the faqs. You know I just get so excited that it's not on my mind until I've already done some blogs and then I am taking some time afterwards. Then I'm like, "O, ooops; I should have read this first."

K.B. Brown

I currently don't have a website and am only using local advertising. I have a disclaimer which yammers on about what my practice consists of and is mainly worded for the hesitant, since most of those I get are. I make them read and acknowledge it before I agree to do anything for them. Since I also lately have nothing but problem clients, I'm especially relating to your adventures with assheads posts. Seriously, if you can't bother to pick up the bath I brewed for your cause and you live and work minutes away from where we can meet, I don't think your chances of success are all that great, no I don't want to see you naked and yes, I have other things to do than e-mail you all day.

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