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November 10, 2009



Now here's a question I'll bet you don't get too often - how do you make someone NOT have romantic feelings for you? Can mirrors be used for that? (Obviously, being bitchy sometimes works, but seems to fail more often than not.)


I'm not exactly sure on how a mirror would be used to make someone NOT have romantic feelings for you - generally my advice there is to just tell someone you aren't interested, will never be interested, and there is not an icecube's chance in hell of anything happening.



Alas, the environment in which this is happening is a little trickier than just flat out rejection. He's in a position of authority over me, and he's not been skeevy exactly - just increasingly hanging out where I can be found, with his eyes drifting this way more often than needed. That, and attempting to arch his body to show off. Nothing overt, but kind of stressful considering I have work to focus on.


Okay, well I wouldn't use mirros there, but something more like a controlling spellcraft, or even "Cast Off Evil" spellcraft which really sounds more dramatic than it is. ;)

Lily would this situation work with fiery wall of protection oils?

I was thinking maybe using mirrors to 'bounce' his regard back at him might work, but I don't generally know that much about the mechanics of spellcraft. Or would that falsely give him the impression that I return his interest?


Yeah...I think you're totally confused on what mirror work is for. That wouldn't work out at all.

Why not try hot footing him or using four theives vinegar to get him to leave?

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