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December 03, 2009



Wow...just wow. Is it a requirement that every ranting email look as if it were written by a blind monkey who was given a keyboard to play with? I'm sorry but if you can't spell simple words like "excite" or "background", someone talking about poo on a blog should really be the least of your worries. I'm surprised the poor thing can even read to begin with! Come to think of it, that's probably why they're so mad - all the big words (aside from poo) confused them and made them mad. Dumb it down, Cat. :)


You know, frankly, I'm shocked anyone can spell. People write emails to "Kat" all of the time, whoever that lady is. ;) I mean, for goodness sake, I write my name on each post!

I'm sort of feeling the three-peanuts-of-love probably sent this one into a fit which caused horrible spelling errors to plague their hatemail to me. :)

Or maybe it was just the horror of me saying poo. Who knows? ;)

Either way, in this case, the misspellings were so fun, that I just couldn't help myself but to post it. Certainly I do get questions, fan mail, suggestions, criticisms, weird mails, stalker mails, and even the occaisional hate mail from people who, were I to post it, would just be sort of boring, and, if negative, perhaps midly offensive, but would not make my readers say "Was this person dropped on their head several times as a small child?" That's why when I saw this beauty, and realized "I could post this for everyone," that was an oppotunity I couldn't pass this up! :)

I mean, how can you not be exited by this informasion? Information exits me occaisionally, generally if I've had too much to drink.

Sorry, sorry...I'll stop. ;)

Joanna H.

I think its funny someone interrupted their day to write a defaming letter to you....because of poop. I for one, found it quite comical. I'm 29, but guess what? Poop is still funny!


Some people are just frankly idiots... You specifically mentioned that your post was not for the "sensitive of stomach" and this person continued to read at their own risk and peril... and then insult you for posting what I found to be a very informative article - Sorry that you have to deal with people like this Cat! They stink! (No pun intended :-)


OMG...that is beyond classic. She (he?) sounds like one of the caricatures you sometimes run across in a Stephen King novel - you know, the ones who always talk in a backwoods drawl...and scream about how a "FALSE PROFIT will Burn in HELL for all eternitey..."(I think that's from the Dead Zone, lol).

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