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January 19, 2010


Dom P.

One comment my Dad always made has been shown once again to be so very true:
Some people learn the hard way, some learn the easy way, and some don't learn at all! Now if I could only figure out which category I fit into! ;D
Dom P.


I fit into all three probably. ;)

That aside, it never ceases to amaze me how some people think demanding and acting horrible is going to get them any place good in life. :P

Joanna H.

Cat, it just points to blatant narcissism and ignorance. I am sooo important that I don't care what you have to say, I just think my problem eclipses all and you MUST under no uncertain terms eat, breathe, sleep until YOU HELP ME WITH MY PROBLEM!!! NOW!!!!

Jayz. I think you are being too kind to give those people a chance. I would have written the blog post, but I would have still blocked them. How irritating.


I understand in some cases, but generally if someone is rude or lacks common courtesy and normal manners, I will just tell them to take a hike (if I even say anything at all.) ;)


It occurs to me that the people who fling rude demands at you have problems because that's how they behave in general. They are rude jerks, thus their lives end up in the crapper rather frequently. They don't need spells. They need to grow up.


ZOMG!!! I NEED UR HELP RIGHT NOW!!!!!11!!!!!!!



You know what? Some person today went and left "Hi, I simply want a way of making money fast," on yet another post that had nothing to do with what they wanted - and so they were deleted with no response.

I know people can read if they can write, so ...what's the major malfunction?

I invite everyone who can't understand that you must email me if you want help on something that isn't to do with the article you are writing on, or who thinks its polite and reasonable to say things like "HELP ME GET MY EX BACK NOW AND GET ME MONEY AND KILL MY ENEMIES NOW!" to enlighten me why you are doing this or why you feel its a good idea.

Seriously, let me know....cuz, I can't figure out where the confusion is, and this is seriously something that happened all of 3 times a year at most and now has happened several times in less than a week.

Please, where are you confused? Please do let me know, make a comment, but make the comment HERE on this article (because, doing so would show you know how to leave a comment on an article which has to do with your comment!) ;)


Karma Zain

Wow, do I hear you on this one. What k said above, about lack of civility, really holds true, in my opinion - some people have problems directly related to their lack of "emotional intelligence" or concern with how social and interpersonal wheels turn. When I get requests from potential clients who can't or won't be polite, follow directions, read instructions, or wait their turn, I don't need to lay a single card to know that we won't work well together and that I won't take their case. 'Cause it's a pretty good bet that they won't follow the directions during the spell or while in "spell aftercare" either.

I've had any number of clients who have asked questions about the finer points of things or to make sure they had something right or to get my take on something - and it's funny how the ones who say "sorry for all the questions" and "I hope I'm not getting on your nerves with the questions" are so often the polite ones, who never do get on my nerves because they are reasonable people with reasonable requests. Whereas the people who *ought* to apologize for being just plain rude are never self-aware enough for it to occur to them that they could be annoying, or even simply *not the center of my every moment of waking attention.*

Ah :-) Sorry for the long ramble, guess I needed to vent!


I agreed with everything you said, so no need to apologize. :D


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