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January 24, 2011



This is great! If I don't have an altar, where woudl be a good place to keep the jar?


If you're going to be doing spellwork, you need to prepare a space in which to do this. It can be a table top, a dresser top, I even used the top of my TV when I had no money and lived in a tiny apartment. So, you need to prepare a space that will work as an altar. If you need to keep this stuff out of plain view when you're not working on it, I recommend using a cookie sheet that you've placed some heatproof coasters under. It moves very easily into a closet for storage, and you can put your spell items into a closet or any area when you are not working your spell.


Will a tag from something else do if your target doesn't wear hats?


It needs to be sweat from their head. The other dead cells that accumulate on a sweat band or tag in a hat would be helpful, too (and far better than just the sweat,) but you are mostly looking for the sweat of the head.


Would something from a pillow this person has used before do? And does the item have been exclusively used by this person? For instance, this pillow is something we share


I would not suggest the pillow. 1.) It's apt to be a shared item if you share the bed. Even "my pillow" or "my bed partner's pillow" tends to get drooled on by both parties (even if moreso by one party,) used by both parites, slept half upon by both parties, etc in the course of a normal nights' sleep...well, in my experience anyhow. So, unless this person is completely weird about their pillow that first point alone rules out it's usefulness. 2.) MOST of the biological leavings on that pillow are not JUST sweat of the head...I'd say it's probably MOSTLY drool or spit...since that's messing up your biological item's purity, it's not going to do you much good. Finally 3, unless you or your sleep partner have some really bad hygiene or some severe top-and-crown-of-head night-sweats, that pillow case is probably washed too much to get a very good head-sweat sample (assuming your bed partner doesn't drool, share the pillow with you at all, and wears a mask over their face at night.

In short no, the pillow would not be recommended, especially one which is shared.


lock of unwashed hair work if him and I havent communicated in $ weeks? I have no way to get article of worn clothing?


It might work. If you can't find the ingredients to a specific spell, there are a ton of other spells here that could work in the way you want. Just because one spell is more recently posted than another doesn't mean it's the best one for your situation.

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