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April 04, 2011



This came at the right time! I have this coworker that I work with that just BOLD FACED LIED to our boss. Over a coffee pot being left on. Quick history. I work with 3 other people so all but one of us has a key to the door. She told my Boss that she saw me drive past her at a specific time at night and I was having coffee with this co- worker,and I guess we just hung out! I told my boss to tell her to say that to my face and then her story changed to I gave the co-worker who didn't have a key my key, or I let him in so he can have coffee. Then I hear from that coworker that I was drinking coffee and hanging with that she saw me with a particular client! Well which is it?! Thank God my boss believed me, but she is working my nerves and my patients. This spell came at a good time.


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