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June 13, 2011



Cat, Thank you so much for this very informative post about Saint Anthony. I really appreciate the time you took to put it together. I also love that you included all these prayers. I will use it as a reference in the future. Thanks again! :)


Cat, I just remembered a time St Anthony helped me find something. Can I use this space to praise him?

Thank You St Anthony for helping me find my ring. It's a beautiful diamond band that I love very much. It's very important to me and I lost it through my own carelessness. I didn't think I would find it all, but I said the following prayer to St. Anthony the whole time I was looking for it, and lo and behold I found it!

St Anthony, St Anthony please come round
Something's lost and can't be found

Hail St Anthony!


I am always happy to publish thanks to St Anthony - he's a good friend to have and a powerful helper. He has helped me find things I have lost, helped my guy get a good job, so many things - he's truly a wonder worker!


All I can say is WOW.. U Really rock. Informative, educational and witty. Thanks for the info on St. Anthony. I've never petitioned him but after reading his history, I will add him to my list. Thanks again.


Cat, in your follow up article on Hoodoo and Rootwork with St Anthony can you please include information about petitioning St Anthony for the return of a lost lover? Thank you!


Definitely will put up a few things about returning a lover with St Anthony's assistance when I get a free moment to even type some posts. If electric storms knocking out my power had not made my life and business hellish this past month, it would already be up here. :P I'd say when it rains it pours (meaning in the bad luck sense,) but I guess that's a bad pun (given the electrical storms being composed of lightning, high winds, and pouring rain, hehehehe.)


Thank you to Saint Anthony for all your miraculous assistance, past present and future!


Thank you St. Anthony for your generosity, guidance, and miraculous help with my situation! My prayers were answered in a week! I pray that you will continue to intercede for me in the future.

This is my first time petitioning St. Anthony, and he is a miracle worker!

Christina Michelle Sanchez

Very cool. I have used all of these, in my own way with variations on some of te nine day prayers. ( I normally would just pray the same prayers everyday).

Thanks for all of the additional information !

Christina Sanchez/ Molina


I have been practicing for over 40 years. Some spells work all the time better than others. I am going to try some of yours because you seem very level headed about your work. I did magic before there were spell books printed in stores. I started off with Black not knowing what the hell I was doing & soon found what comes around goes around! Love your site Thanks Nikki


I need to use this. Though the object I want is not lost i just want it returned. I want a former flame to return the keys to my apartment. I know your thinking just change my locks, but my apartment doesn't want me to do that on my own, they want me to try and get the key back or they will charge me for a new locks. **Sigh** I'll give this a try.

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