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August 06, 2012



Hi Cat,
First off, I have been reading through your site all week and find it to be very interesting and informative. I am going to do the St Anthony spell on my boyfriend but I have two questions that I want to be clear of: 1. the candle and cigar burn out at the initial casting not over a period of days correct? 2. I have never done a spell before, is there a high chance that this will backfire on me?
Thank you so much for your help. I look forward to reading more of your work.


It's just a taper candle being used (or not a jar candle, lol, the shape, as long as not a figural, is not really relevant,) it's meant to burn out on it's own overnight. The cigar may or may not burn out on it's own quickly. It's an offering, and will do what it wants to do. It's even better if you can (and I cannot do this without hurting myself) take the cigar and get it going, and put the cinder end in your mouth, and puff smoke out the puffing end at St Anthony instead of just offering it. If that makes no sense, just do it as it says - either way, it works.

I have never heard of a spell "backfiring." It's not a gun. Anyone who told you spells backfire either grossly misundestands how spells work, or is just trying to scare you. They can be reversed (does he do spellcraft) which is a form of reflective magic, or reflected which might make you long for him more. They can be broken, they might manifest "weird" (though in this case I can't think of how it would in any bad way, it's pretty straight forward..."weird" tends to happen when people ask demons for large amounts of money, not when people ask St Anthony to return a lover...so no, I doubt it will harm you) but it is a petition to a saint. Pretty sure you'll be ok.

As for "probabilities" "chances" and backfiring, sounds like you're unfamiliar with most of my writing and reading some site made by someone who likes to scare people for no good reason. I'm sorry if you've been miseducated. Spells don't backfire, nor do they come with probabilities of success that are across the board for everyone. I think perhaps you should not keep up with any site that suggested to you that this is how spells work, but it is just a suggestion.

Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I hope to get some more posts up when I'm not so bogged down with work and basic life annoyances as I have been this last month or so. ;)


Hi Cat,
Thank you for the feedback. Since the initial comment, I have had the chance to read more thoroughly of your site and I did check out Karma Zain's as well. You are correct, I have read a lot of BS on other sites - I am staying clear of them! You and Karma's definitely are sincere, to the point and not arrogant. I believe you both are honest people who have great information and terrific senses of humor. I very much enjoyed Mama. Cat's Pearls of Wisdom.
On another note, I did the spell this past Friday (waxing moon) during the hour of the moon. I really had a good feeling after casting it, the candle burned beautifully in 9 hours. I am taking your words of wisdom on how to "behave"by not obsessing and looking my best. I actually started that a week prior and have seen results! I have had no contact with him for 3 weeks and I am not dying - hehehe! So many of your words are so correct, you make so much sense. Wish I would have found your site years ago! I'm going to continue on behaving well, except I am considering doing a cursing spell on a assmunch who that screwed me out of a job for his own financial gain. And, by the way, I'm a girl if you were wondering by my name.


If you can stomach tobacco smoke, a trick you might try is to get a photo of your fella, and while smoking (a cigar is best but a cigarette works too,) as you exhale, speak to the picture as if it were him. Tell him to call you or make contact, be firm, speak in the present tense ("you need to call me,") etc, and avoid using negatives (no, not, never.) It's a pretty good technique and easy to do.

I also have a link to Dara's blog on the first or 2nd page (well currently, so for later readers, within 10 posts of this one, lol) which gives some great communication techniques.

Thanks so much for your kind words. :) I have a tendency towards sarcasm and lots of hyper sensitive people take me the wrong way for it, though it's generally meant humorously. I'm not actually mean, lol, though I guess I have my moments. ;)



Hi Cat,
Love it! This spell sounds like what I've been searching for. Will it work on a target who was not a lover but we were dating? We weren't in a serious relationship but we went out.
Once the spell is done does it have to be repeated again?
I've set St. Anthony candles on the target before and he did eventually call, but he didn't leave a message. I called him back but he didn't answer so I didn't leave a message, I got nervous and didn't know what to say!
Hoping to do your version of the spell and get better results than when I just did a single candle to St. Anthony. I didn't know about the offering of a cigar, maybe he's waiting for that!:)


Without more knowledge on the situation I couldn't say if it would have to be repeated again. That's wholly dependant on the people involved, the situation, etc. No spell lasts forever if that's what you're asking, not to say the effects reverse, just that it's like taking an asprin or something. Sometimes you only need one dose. Sometimes you need two. ;)

I would assume it would work in any situation where there was love involved.


Thanks for the feedback Cat, I'm going to try the spell. It's on a target that I dated on and off and would like another chance with but I don't want to be the first to initiate contact. I was wondering about how long it takes for the result to manifest?


As with any spell there is absolutely no blanket answer for how long does anything take to manifest. That is dependent on several factors and is entirely different from person to person, problem to problem.


Hi Cat,

Thanks for posting this spell! I have a question about the cigar. I tried really hard to get it going well, but once I put it in the saucer it stopped burning soon after. I thought maybe it was a dud, so I tried another cigar and the same thing happened. I'm not sure if I should take this as a sign or if I am just not doing a good job of getting the cigar going. I was wondering if you had any comments or suggestions as far as what to do about this? Thanks! :)


It's not a sign of anything. Basically you're worrying about what an offering is doing...which comparatively would be like if you made me soup and I blew on it before taking bites, and you felt that was a sign I didn't like your soup or something. Or if you made me cake and I ate it in small bites instead of large bites, that this is a sign it's a bad cake, etc. It's not a problem but the worry (and judging from my inbox the neurotic levels thereof with a few people) is because it's a form of thinking the work to death. Let St Anthony enjoy his cigar as he likes, even if that means it goes out on it's own. ;)


Thanks, Cat! I thought maybe he wasn't interested in smoking next to the baby in his picture. ;) I haven't tried this sort of offertory work before, so I thought maybe I wasn't doing it right. I'll let him have this cigar as he likes and won't worry about it.


I have never known a saint to be too over-worried about the exaggerated stories of the dangers of second hand smoke. I guess they expired before the propaganda became so popular 15+ years ago, and when they lived people were more worried about actual plagues and so forth. ;) The baby he's holding is supposedly the baby Jesus though, which is a bit conflicting since Jesus died more than a millenium before St Anthony...but I didn't create the iconography, it's based on a rather apocryphal tale of St Anthony. ;)


This looks great! However I'm gonna have to set a small alter up on my balcony because there is a rule in my apartment that we are not allowed to smoke in our apartments. I'm not a smoker myself so I'm going to purchase a flavored cigar. =)


I bought a brown tapered candle for this, is that ok? I can add different kinds of love oil as well as the return to me oil to boost it as well as sachets. I bought brown because his color is brown. I should have checked, but the store was closing and it's a Tuesday night.


Thank you for posting this spell! I am curious to know if the work for this spell should be continual (after a period of time). For example: when petition St. Martha, I continue the work each week. Should I perform the spell again after a month or three months? Should I continue to make an offering of cigar smoke to St. Anthony periodically? Thank you for your help!


Nope, you want pink here because you're working for love. Brown isn't what I'd choose for this work, but you can try. I'm not sure why you didn't follow the instructions as given but you're free to use the that color and see what it does.

I'd not recommend using the powder (or sachet if you prefer) you should just be using a love oil or a return to me oil, with that singular oil being best.

If you want to make your own spell and just use my words, that's fine. ;) Otherwise this is pretty clearly presented and does not require so many add ons to work and quite well. Most people do this one as it's written and have quite a bit of success.

If you add too much or alter it too much you might just make it not work - more is not always better. Spells are a bit like making a meatloaf. Meatloaf has a basic recipe that a lot of people add one or two things to (or switch) to make it theirs. Just because you can throw bacon in and it tastes better, or maybe you throw green pepper in and that tastes good, well if you throw in the whole dang meat drawer and vegetable drawer, that's going to be a gross-ass meatloaf. In other words, more isn't better all the time... sounds like you're adding too much to a simple saint ritual to be honest. ;)


Most spells, workings, or prayers can be repeated as necessary. If you're working with St Martha, you might work 9 Tuesdays (novena) or perhaps every tuesday til your desired end is accomplished. This particular spell to St Anthony could be worked once a month, once every 2 weeks, once a week or just once. It's really up to you.

As for the offering, I'm not sure I'm clear... certainly you can make an offering to St Anthony whensoever you please. I'm sure he'd appreciate it greatly. If you want to buy him a fresh cigar every week, I would think he'd like that quite a bit. Make sure it's always a new cigar, however.

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