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August 14, 2012



Hello Cat~
Question? Is there a spell that helps people cross paths, so the option of reconciliation could happen? I have noticed that when it comes to reconciliation spells if you and the person you want to reconcile with are not really on speaking terms or even around each other its pretty darn hard to have an effective reconciliation spell.


I'd say any reconciliation work done with a "drawing element" (which is several of them,) would be the solution. Reconciliation oil is to reconcile, but Return to me oil is to draw the person to you while also helping to reconcile them, for example.

People often fail to realize the real problem is not so much the spell but human nature. If someone chased me down the street with an axe and called me 535 times a night, and then also acted like a crazy obsessive nutbag for a length of time, even if they use the best reconciliatory spells on me, and I don't hate them or have dark feelings towards them anymore, well, even the strongest "drawing spell" might not overcome my fear of having a second round of crazy happen if I reunite with them or reach out. That's just one of many reasons people refuse to act on recon spellwork.

If someone knows how to contact you, they do not need to run into you. If you keep casting spells and not seeing any result, AND you can be reasonably secure you didn't think the work to death and that you did it well... Well, the problem there is the target probably is refusing to make contact due to history or it's just part of their personality.

That's my 2 cents anyhow. ;)

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