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October 07, 2012



Hi Cat! Two quick questions:
--First, does this mean that you are accepting new customers again - or is this for current/past customers only?

And secondly, are you offering regular readings again?

Thanks so much, I've loved finding and reading your blog these last couple months!


Currently I'm not accepting new clients, and I'm not sure when I will. If people want me to that would involve removing my business and blog link from a few sites where I didn't approve of it's getting placed on (it's nothing rude said about me, but it's brought in a horribly bad crowd - I had 2 PEDOPHILES in about a month's time now ask me for services - ew,) and I'm thinking new clients might require an actual interview process past the basic consultation thanks to those non-approved linkings to my site (and even some existing clients breaking their terms of service agreement) which now mandate I screen the heck out of everyone for some time to come. *sighs* I don't want to do that, it's a lot of extra work for me if I do, but I'm afraid the last few months have made it clear that might be the only choice.

I'm really sorry so many people couldn't follow terms of service they agreed to by purchasing services, and/or didn't have the manners to ask me if I wanted to be linked to their site. :( Hopefully that problem alleviates soon. :/



Hello Cat,

I was just going to ask the same information as the first commentor. I understand your position and why you have made the choice to not accept new clients now, however is there any away for one to be alerted to when you do again? At times I forget to check in on the website to see if there has been a change and I don't want to miss the opportunity if the window happens to be small. I love your blog and would love to try some of these spellson my own, I just not comfortable with performing them myself. Thanks and your advice in your blog has already helped me in so many ways.


Thank you for your kind words on my blog :)

As of now I don't have a waiting list or alert list. I know I have the interest from several people, but I'd tried to set up a mailing list some years before with no luck. :/ I'm not sure if it's a problem on my hosting server's end or that I'm just technically inept when it comes to mailing lists (probably a bit of both, haha.) If one were to see my inbox at any given time, I have to reply to at least 50 flagged emails when it's a slow day, so I can't honestly say I could be good with emailing people individually regarding this.

I would probably be posting it on my business site but not here. If and when I do start taking new clients it's not apt to be a small window...though I guess one never knows. ;) To be perfectly frank, though, I've never seen this sort of thing happen in 8 years of business. At one point, I could barely handle active cases with great clients due to having to reject cases I clearly would not accept (for example I say I don't cause divorce and I'd get 5 requests on one day to cause divorce, and when rejecting each case the person bringing it to me would then have a marathon email session trying to get me to change my mind, etc,) so it's hard to say when I'll feel comfortable taking new clients on again. I really do miss meeting new clients and working for them.



Hey Cat,

You'd mentioned the idea of doing "Spell Coaching" previously.

Any thought of doing so again?


I already offer it. It's the same price as a psychic reading, though if you're not a total noob it means A LOT can be learned in 30 mins. ;) The only advisory is I don't give out recipes. Otherwise, it's already an existing service. People confuse it with "Spell counseling" so I didn't add it above. spell counseling is like people who need to ask me "Is this normal?" if I cast them a spell, or need directions on how to behave in x situation as I'd cast a spell for them.

I do hope that made sense. I'm only on coffee #2.


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