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December 14, 2012



Thank you for posting this, Cat. As you know this week has been hard for me. I felt like you were talking directly to me. I've read and reread it. Seriously, thank you.


A lot of people seem to need this reminder around the holidays, and to be fair, there are many many many many people who need the above reminders and pointers much more than you do. ;)


True, true. It could always be much worse and I have been thinking about the poor families and friends who are dealing with the elementary school shooting. I know it could be much worse but it still sucks for me. I'm just keeping it together I guess.


Another awesome article! :D

K.B. Brown

I have one of these sort of people. Having had a stalker in my life once before, I had to confront a former friend who was showing definite obsessive and dangerous behaviour patterns fixated on me. Yes, his freak out fit that he "loved" me, only wanted the best for me, only wanted to make me smile, wanted to shower me with oooey-gooey specialness we all need in life was his only goal and how could I be so cruel was unpleasant. But, it had to be done in order to not be a victim. So, today recognising his phone number on my caller ID months after this episode? No, that does not bring a smile to my face. Even if the intent of calling was a genuine and heart-felt "Wow, I had no idea my behaviour toward you was creepy, controlling, unhealthy and f@cking freaky. I realise it now that I'm in a recovery program for freakos anonymous and I'm at the 8th step and realising that you had to call the police on me because of what I thought was expressing love for you, I needed to make amends," I would still have absolutely no interest, need or desire to ever hear this person's voice AGAIN.

Cat, do you happen to have a spell for the obsessive person to get over the person they're fixated on? Some kind of releasing rite to shed those wicked little "gotta-hafta-have-him/her-at-any-cost-cuz-we're-kindred-spirits-I-just-know-it" demons? I could concoct one but somehow the few and far between clients I ever get are the ones who're certain they've had a curse or some kind of witch-war afflicting them for 10-60 (yes, 60) years and are just now bothering to not listen to an expert when they whine about wanting their problems solved and would rather spend a fortune on crystals than conduct petition prayer service and make some life changes.

Sorry for hijacking your post. Awesome as always.


Cat you are amazing! Thank you for truly being honest n letting someone like me know the crap I shouldn't do! Again, Thank you!

A Rae

Oh, gosh, Cat!! this article has me in heaps of tears right now...hysterical laughter type tears.. anxiously searching my texts history for foux pas' you mention (thankfully only possibly one) and I am sitting here in my jimjams, which desperately need a trip to the washing machine! Thanks for that sobering article. You are a real gem

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