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March 13, 2013


K.B. Brown

On the flip side, I'd been asked (years ago) to curse a woman with an unwanted pregnancy to punish her for the "crime" of marrying the petitioner's ex-husband. To even think that someone values a human life so little as to want a child to be born to an unwelcome and, who knows? possibly abusive existence and as "punishment" for its hypothetical parents falling in love after an earlier relationship had broken down - just made me want to puke on my shoes. Any wonder that guy had a restraining order against the would-be petitioner? Facking crazy, sick people out there.


I entirely agree. While I'm used to the regular selfish request of "break them up, because my happiness means more to me than anyone else does," passes my desk frequently enough that I don't have much reaction these days, it's amazing the lows people stoop to out of jealousy. I can't imagine why anyone thinks harming a child is appropriate. The thought that anyone can be brought that low by selfish obsessive jealousy makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. :P

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