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December 15, 2014



For the questions of being a bag of dicks, I've notice that it is on forums in general and I think it comes down to just straight laziness. We are in the cyber age that people can just get on to a computer and type it in and read for themselves, but people don't want to take the time which I personally feel that if you can't do the research, then you shouldn't be casting. I understand if you have read the literature and might be confused cause different practitioners say different things, so you may want to clarify, but if your lazy then just stop at the thought.

I love when people reference something from the movies, like, "Well if you are a witch then turn my Cat into a woman"! I just laugh and say ignorance isn't bliss, but it sure is funny, thanks for helping burn a few calories.

Good point on the love advice. =)


They can type it and learn the wrong answer half of the time when it comes to something like the occult and spellcasting. ;)

I don't know as I buy that it's the cyber age that does this - I grew up and was young when the internet was around, although not, admittedly, when I was very young, and it was less available in my early teen years. There are people who are the age of my grandma (well, my gran is getting up there, so there aren't that many people that age in the world, heh,) who are lazy and entitled, and certainly social ineptitude is more common with the young, but I think there is a serious case for having raised a generation of people (many of whom are not much younger than I am,) to believe everyone gets an award for participating (wrong - then it's not even an award, it's just someone acknowledging that you showed up), everyone can access everything and be given it without working for it (wrong,) that getting something without earning it is just as valuable (wrong,) or any other myriad of traits which make people seem like lazy, entitled assclowns. Again, I'm not much older than many of these people, so many of them can't argue that youth has made them too socially unaware (and I was very young and socially inept for being young once - I understand,) to understand that this isn't an appropriate behavior. All great things in life are earned through hard work and/or effort, and/or perseverance, and/or more effort. ;) If I won't give it to you, running to the bad parents and bad teachers (or other enablers of this stupidity) who raised you to think complaining that I won't give it to you will somehow make that change won't change a thing. ;)

You're right, of course - not only research is required but EFFORT and PRACTICE. If some of the people who came to me seeking a "quick answer" (translation - easy for you to locate on your own,) spent 1/100th of the time that they do complaining when I tell them no, they'd be advancing a lot farther in their studies a lot faster. ;) No one will help someone who thinks everything is a free hand out. I do think most practitioners will try to clarify most instructions unless the person is being willfully stupid and asking things like "What is a candle." Past that, assuming someone will take on a student because they read on an article (which is on par with some of the demands made,) or are "just curious" and have 20 questions is really just..well... rude.

Alright, I'm done being a bag of dicks. ;)

Thanks for your kind words on my article. :)

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